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11.30 – 14.00 / 18.30 – 22.00

“Cooking is not eating. It’s much, much more. Cooking is poetry”

Heinz Beck

Business Lunch

Proposals from Monday to Friday, only for lunch

Poke Bowl with chicken or marinated salmon or tofu, Basmati rice, avocado, red cabbage, edamame, cherry tomatoes, toasted sesame, roasted onion, mango curry sauce, Ponzu sauce 22.-
Spaghetti spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and basil17.-
Tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce17.-
Spinach and ricotta ravioli, with butter and sage17.-
Eggplant Parmesan17.-
Pork cutlets with rocket and cherry tomatoes, and french fries22.-
Grilled rump steak with grilled vegetables22.-
Caesar salad with chicken creast22.-
Turkey breast with tuna sauce and salad22.-
Cold roast beef with tartare sauce and french fries22.-
Prices are in CHF and include 8.1% VAT
Our Specialities
White and green asparagus Milanese style21.-/26.-
Baked onion stuffed with mushrooms, crusted, with broccoli cream and gorgonzola19.-
Emilian culatello with melon23.-/28.-
Warm seafood salad, with drops of wild garlic pesto23.-/28.-
Prawn tails in lard with friars' beards23.-/28.-
Asparagus crepe parcels with shellfish cream and squid white19.-/23.-
Risotto with wild garlic pesto and Büscion cream19.-/23.-
Basil gnocchi with sweet pepper porridge and smoked buffalo mozzarella19.-/23.-
Sea bass and prawn roll with robiola, chives and soft turnip greens45.-
Beef Asado - Fresh chimichurri sauce39.-
Grilled beef rib-eye ca 350 gr48.-
Grilled beef rib eye with potatoes and vegetables39.-
Veal brains Milanese style36.-
Angus Beef Gourmet Hamburger with raclette cheese, planed tomatoes - salad - grilled bacon - fried onion - hot sauce - fries29.-
Prices are in CHF and include VAT at 8.1%.

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