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19 June 2021
Villaggio medievale medieval village mittelalterliche Dorf

Villaggio medievale

The Medieval Village of Tremona

On Monte San Giorgio, behind Tremona, an ancient village not far from Mendrisio,rest the remains of an entire medieval village, transforming part of the forest into an open-air museum!

Thank to special 3D glasses, you can walk along the paths of the medieval village and admire the 3D reconstruction of the entire village and the castle, while an exciting story explains the life and dynamics inside the village.

Live a unique experience, where the past merges with the present!

The archaeological park is reachable within 10 minutes by foot, following the trail leaving from Tremona (via al Castello).

Opening Hours

Usually from Thursday to Sunday
Otherwise, daily from July 1st to August 22nd and from September 30th to October 24th 2021
from 10:00 to 18:00

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